~Lisa Samson Talks About Her New Book St. Is~

Y’all, Lisa Samson has a brand new book baby!

St. Is: The First Book

Blurb from Amazon

An ancient donkey and a strong-willed, good-hearted maid, both chosen to carry the Messiah in their own way, lead you through the Christmas story like you’ve never read it before.

Meet Issy the she-donkey, Mary’s beloved companion. Meet Mary of Nazareth, capable and trusting in the Most High despite a family that sometimes makes her life difficult. Meet fiery angels and a just young man named Joe who finds himself dropped in the most extraordinary of circumstances requiring all the faith he has.

St.Is presents time-honored characters in all their humanness, a donkey that represents us all, our wanderings and our ponderings, and invites us to watch in wonder the workings of a God who transcends time and meets us all in the form of a baby born in Bethlehem.


I asked Lisa to talk a bit about her book and Christmas.

Why a Christmas book?

When we decided to start The Salish Sea Press, Leonard Sweet and myself, we knew we wanted to foster the imagination of Jesus followers, give everyone an opportunity to experience the freedom of taking the story of God and Humanity and opening it up for themselves in a way that brings great meaning to them. Starting with the Christmas story was an obvious first choice to model what we are trying to encourage, and are we glad we did it. The story just came alive when we started writing and continued all the way through the process.


What was the most fun about writing this book?

For me, working with Len on this was just so much fun. I would write down a scene or two each day and then read aloud the next. Len is a scholar so he would give me things to consider and implement regarding the context of ancient Israel, particularly Nazareth, Mary’s family (who, let’s not forget, ran Jesus out on a rail later in his life), and the deeper meanings of the Jewish faith, traditions and way of life. I learned so much and we laughed a lot, our ideas: his as truly voracious student, teacher and passer-on of “story” and me as someone who has studied almost her entire life on the intricacies, modes, and methods of telling them, came together to form a highly unique telling. That telling, to go back to your question, was not only fun for us to accomplish, but so far, reader feedback is proclaiming it a fun read as well.


What was the most challenging?

We honestly didn’t view this as challenging. I had to think about that a moment in answer to your question. This was one of those writing/art projects that flowed from beginning to end. Co-writing is normally a challenge, and while I can’t speak for Len, this project, our inaugural team-writing project was a flowing and satisfying experience. Even formatting the book with our wonderful book formatter, Carmen Barber, was enjoyable. I suppose just putting one foot in front of the other in any project is the challenge, but each step of this creation process was so evident and good to step into. All the hours were definitely worth it!


Now for the tough questions.


What are your favorite Christmas carols/songs?

Do You Hear What I Hear/I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day/The Christmas Waltz/Some Children See Him.


What’s your favorite holiday food/beverage?

Turkey dinner with all the fixins’!


And would you rather go ice-skating or have a snowball fight?

Ice-skating and not because I’m good at it!


Thank you, Lisa!

Y’all go check out her new book over on Amazon.  

Lisa Samson’s Amazon Author Page

Lisa’s Patreon Page


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