Interview with YA Author Ruth Anne Crews

Can you tell us a little about your story

Rett Johnson’s waited for the right girl. Kate Adams never thought she’d meet someone like him. But will a mysterious past end their relationship before it has a chance to grow?

What made you choose roses as the flowers of special significance to Rett? 

I have been working on this story for thirteen years so I don’t remember the original reason why but roses just feel like a romantic flower. I know in our culture, roses are definitely put up there with some of the romantic things a woman can get from a man. For Rett, the idea didn’t originate with him, it all started with a conversation with his mentor about pursuing a woman’s heart. But in the end, I think it was just that roses are always associated with romance and Rett is a big gesture, romantic kind of guy. 

In the book Kate is from Georgia. Can you give us a hint about something that might surprise us about Kate or that goes against the stereotype readers might have about southerners? 

I don’t know if everyone will understand this or not but Kate is an enneagram 9 which just means that she avoids conflict at all costs. She puts up with a lot more from Rett than I would because she doesn’t want to mess up a good thing. But when she makes up her mind, everyone needs to get out of her way. 

The writing journey can be a long haul for some of us, myself included. What words of encouragement can you offer to folks who are tackling a big project or in the middle of one? 

This has not been a short journey for me, I have been working on this book since I was sixteen, which was thirteen years ago. I would encourage you to keep going, keep writing, even if you have to put it away or switch projects for a little while. Your story deserves to be told and you are the only one who can tell it. I promise, all the hard work is worth it. 

Now for a really important question, what is your favorite Hallmark movie? 

Don’t hate me, but I’m not a Hallmark watcher. It wasn’t something that I grew up watching and it wasn’t until a few years ago that I even began to understand that tons of people watch them. I know it’s not the same thing, but I love all three of the Christmas Prince Netflix movies. I’m working on building traditions for myself and one of mine is watching all three of those movies. 

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When she’s not reading and writing, Ruth Anne Crews hanging out with middle and high school girls teaching them about God’s love for them. She loves all things pop culture and superheroes. She currently lives in North Carolina but is originally from Albany, Georgia. Follow along with all her adventures on Instagram @ruthannecrews and on her blog, 


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